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 Fórsa*  PDF Application Forms:

The below links should be used to download the appropriate Fórsa Application Form.

Deduction at Source Application Form
    To be used where your employer facilitates 'Deduction at Source' (DAS). That is, your subscription will be deducted from your salary and forwarded on to Fórsa.

Bank Standing Order Application Form (BSO)
    To be used used where your employer does not provide an option to have your Fórsa subscription deducted from your salary.

Change of Employment Form (DAS)
    This should be used where you are already making a payment to Fórsa via DAS and where your new employer also facilitates DAS.

Change of Employment Form (BSO)
    Where payment currently is, and will continue to be, made via Bank Standing Order.

The completed form should be returned to:
Membership Applications, Fórsa, Nerney's Court, Dublin 1. D01 R2C5

Branch Officer List
Please return the filled form by e-mail to updatemydetails@forsa.ie

Fórsa 3rd Level IR Scholarship (Bursaries) Scheme for 2018-2019

1) This scheme is primarily for courses that will assist union members in their roles within the Union and not for only their careers generally.
2) The deadlines for receipt of fully completed applications to the e-mail address below (including all required supporting documentation and signed branch recommendation) is absolute and cannot be extended irrespective of circumstances. This is 5.30 pm on Friday 28th September 2018.
3) All replies and enquiries should only be made by e-mail to bursaries@forsa.ie

Fórsa 3rd Level Grant Scheme Information

* Previously CPSU, IMPACT or PSEU

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